I like to build products. I also like software architecture


Extra Curriculars

You’re Next Career Network – Software Developer

June 2019 - present

• Developed career portal to help undergraduates’ students find placements in a faster and more efficient format while integrating with the Google Sheets API and Drive API to allow YNCN members to create postings faster using mongoDB and Flask

New College (UofT)

Sept 2018 - May 2019

Residence Academic Programmer

180 Degrees Consulting

Sept 2018 - May 2019



Deloitte Digital

May 2019 - Aug 2019

Software Developer with Emotion plus team

University of Toronto

Sept 2019 - Dec 2019

Computational Linguistics Research Assistant

Education (Expected Graduation: June 2021)

University of Toronto – Bachelor of Science – Computer Science

Computer Science specialist with focus in NLP and statistics minor. 3.5/4.0 cumulative GPA. DS & A, OS, Distributed systems, CV, NLP, Computational Linguistics.

Skills & Tools

  • Lanugages – Python, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript

  • Frameworks – Flask, Express

  • Cloud tools – AWS

  • DB – Postgres, Firebase